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The most efficient purging compound of the market

The PURGEX purging compounds are specially developed and dedicate to purge resins. This compounds have a very strong purging power and extremely concentrated actives ingredients, adapt to thermoplastics.
In granules, ready and easy to use, PURGEX purging compound does not require transformation parameters modification.

5 reasons to use PURGEX

  1. Quick resins or colors change
  2. Prevents carbonization deposits on the screw
  3. Stop the oxidation process on the screw and the material degradation during downtime
  4. Neutralizes HCI gases emitted from PVC resins
  5. Save time from long and costly disassembly

PURGEX is a cleaning product that can be used in small quantities and has an immediate effect. PURGEX purging compound is a real time and cost saver.

The PURGEX range

PURGEX is a multipurpose purging compound, able to clean all commodities and technical thermoplastics. PURGEX is non-toxic, non-abrasive.
It has a strong purging power and efficiently removes residual contamination from the screw and barrel. Purgex don’t sticks at metal.


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