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Purgex introduction

Manufacturing productivity

Purgex range

When to use purgex?

How to use purgex?

Our purging compounds are specially developed and dedicate to purge resins. This compounds have a very strong purging power and extremely concentrated actives ingredients, adapt to thermoplastics.
In granules, ready and easy to use, PURGEX purging compound does not require transformation parameters modification.

  • Quick resins or colors change
  • Prevents carbonization deposits on the screw
  • Stop the oxidation process on the screw and the material degradation during downtime
  • Neutralizes HCI gases emitted from PVC resins
  • Save time from long and costly disassembly

Improve manufacturing productivity, by shortening the purge time, you speed material and color changes, providing better utilization of production labor and equipment.

Reduce rejects. Purgex is a performance purging compound that efficiently cleans out contaminants. Field tests have demonstrated that Purgex goes Beyond Clean™, dislodging and removing residual color and black specks remaining from prior cleanings with other purging products and methodes.

PURGEX is a multipurpose purging compound, able to clean all commodities and technical thermoplastics.

PURGEX is non-toxic, non-abrasive.
It has a strong purging power and efficiently removes residual contamination from the screw and barrel. Purgex don’t sticks at metal.


Grades Temp. Applications
458 Plus (pdf)

456 Plus (pdf)

190 – 290°C Standard grade
Colors / resin change  
Routine cleaning
Prevent from black spots

Shut-off purge
456 PLUS without glass fibers

3057 Plus (pdf) 190 – 320°C Technical grade
Colors / resin change  
Routine cleaning
Prevent from black spots

Shut-off purge

 602 Plus (pdf) 180 – 290°C Transparents grade
Does not leave white marks

Prevent from black spots

 461 Plus (pdf) 120 – 230°C Low temperature
Colors / resin change  
Routine cleaning
Prevent from black spots
MC 48 150 – 320°C Hyper active – 30% glass fibers filled 
Heavy soiling
Removing carbon deposits
Flame retardant materials

PURGEX additive printing

Grades particularly suited to the 3D printing industry are available.

Download our brochure. 


Most of the time, cleaning your machines occur only when the cycle of deterioration is reached. Carbonised residues appear in your productions. Unfortunately, it is already too late!

To achieve optimal purge, it is important to use PURGEX before carbonised residues sticks on your screw and barrel.

We recommend regular use before the cycle of deterioration is reached the threshold of carbonization.
This approach prevents carbonised deposits and so, black stops in your productions.

Different way are possible:

Shut down machine

Purges in shut down machine have two beneficial effects:

  • Effect 1: filling PURGEX prevents oxygen intrusion and thus stops the oxidation and degradation processes.
  • Effect 2: By reducing the temperature, the deposits will stick out of the metal.

Colors / resins change

PURGEX act immediately.
It is important to remind that a systematic use of PURGEX during colors material change will help to stick out and prevents carbonization deposits of the screw / barrel.

Routing cleaning

Recommend frequency use :

  • For standards et technics resins : 1 time per week
  • For more difficult resins (as filled resins or VO) : 1 time every two days

Purging procedures

A procedure was developed for each processing mode.

It will be helpful to define the PURGEX quantity necessary regarding to your machine and process. This documents details every step to follow to obtain the better purging effect.

 Injection (pdf, 427.5 Ko)
 Injection with Hot Runners (pdf, 392.9 Ko)
 Injection shutdown (pdf, 287.9 Ko)
 Extrusion (pdf, 178.7 Ko)
 Extrusion Single Crew (pdf, 215.7 Ko)