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Thermoplastic elastomers with biosourced and/or recycled materials

Partly made from bio-based and/or recycled materials, TEFABLOC™ TG ranges are thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs).
The use of resources derived from biomass or recycling channels, enables TEFABLOC™ TG series to reduce dependence on virgin, fossil-based carbonaceous materials, and contribute to the effort towards reducing the carbon footprint of thermoplastic-based products.

TEFABLOC™ TGSI R02/R03 products contain up to 67% and 52% PIR (Post Industrial Recycling) and PCR (Post Consumer Recycling) recycled materials respectively.


TEFABLOC™ TGSI A06 75A is a thermoplastic elastomer partly composed of biobased materials. It complies with European regulatory requirements for contact with human skin.


TEFABLOCTM TG ranges are designed with the right fluidity for easy processing. In injection molding, their high fluidity and cohesive grip on polyolefins make them ideal for bi-material concepts with long flow paths.

The TEFABLOC™ TG range in brief

  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • High level of recycled or biobased content
  • Wide range of hardnesses available
  • Low-temperature flexibility

The range of TEFABLOCTM TG products available is steadily expanding, combining performance and durability for increasingly demanding applications.

: TEFABLOC™ TG – TPE with renewable carbon (mcpp-global.com)

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