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The most efficient purging compound on the market

PURGEX purging compounds are specially designed products that are solely
dedicated to purging.

They are compounds whose active agents are adapted to thermoplastics and extremely concentrated.

Purging compounds are granulated, ready to use and easy to handle. They do not require any modification of the processing parameters.

5 good reasons to use PURGEX

  1. Optimise material / colour changes
  2. Prevent carbonisation of deposits on the screw
  3. Avoid costly and time-consuming dismantling
  4. Stop the oxidation process and the degradation of the material during machine stops
  5. Neutralize the chloride acids released by the PVC

PURGEX is a cleaning product that can be used in small quantities and has an immediate effect. The PURGEX purging compound brings real time and financial savings.

The PURGEX range

PURGEX is a multi-purpose purging compound, suitable for cleaning all commodity and technical thermoplastics.

Non-toxic, non-corrosive, PURGEX is effective without leaving any residue, as it does not stick to the metal.

The range is composed of different grades adapted to your production.


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